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Fiverr algorithme ranking gig

This my analytics evrything 100% reponse rate 1 hrs , level one
over 4 month just 2 Order all My Gig on the last page
Speech routine that you always hear promote on social media
There are many sellers here who have less than you rating showing on the first pages andThey do not promote on social media

Is this fair?


There are thousands of people with stats like that.


Great brother… …

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Adding to what @visualstudios said, thousands of sellers have these stats. It’s physically impossible for them to all rank well and stats don’t mean you’d meet Fiverr’s business objectives, anyway.

It’s not about what is fair. This is a business. Fiverr will always do what is in their best interests.


I believe sales volume plays a major role. Even if those persons on the first page have lower ratings, that might also be connected to the fact that they have more sales. I am not sure how many sales you have, but there’s a reason why some people are on the first page. Plus, the algorithm also chooses people randomly so they can be featured there. So you never really know :slight_smile:

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Ahahah - nah, they make their mistakes. They think they are doing what’s in their best interests, but sometimes they are just wrong. Like, starting with the name. Fiverr? Come on. It’s not even a word, it can’t be pronounced (sounds like Fiver), and it ties the platform to the damn $5 orders they now want to move away from. Not a good decision.


My point is that Fiverr makes decisions based on their business objectives and strategy, not based on what’s “fair” in the minds of sellers.


Yes, that’s correct.

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