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Fiverr Allows Negative Seo Gigs?

I was browsing gigs and ran into one by Alekscupid offering to spam someone else’s site.

Does anyone here think this is okay?

A few years back someone did this to a site of mine and it tanked. I don’t wish that on anyone trying to make an honest living online.

First, it is not allowed to share a user’s name here in the forums, it will probably get removed soon.

But if you find a gig like that, I would suggest you email Customer Support to let them know and see what they say about it. I agree that would be a horrible thing if someone was advertising to spam someone elses site for a buyer.

what negative seo gigs?

Woao… this is a big no no… its unethical practices…

There should be something like a report gig button.

@mino23 Unfortunately I am sure that option would be abused? Best we just to drop a line or two to Fiverr customer support. It is up to us as a community to self regulate to a certain extent? We can help each other in the long term?