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Fiverr allows to sell Gmail accounts or its against policy of fiverr?

Fiverr allows to sell Gmail accounts or its against policy of fiverr?

Since Google does not allow the sale of accounts, why do you think Fiverr would?

Google accounts are free to sign up. Selling them is against Google’s rules.

No, you cannot sell accounts.


Fiverr doesn’t allow you to break the terms of other companies.

Google has no resale option, so you would have to engage in nefarious activity to sell this unless you have white label Google services and I am pretty sure you don’t.

In any case, Fiverr is for selling personally delivered services, not resale products.


Wowzers! :astonished:

Really, is this a trick question?

You really need to take some time :watch: out of your schedule to read 5r’s TOS.


This makes me think of a few different posts I’ve seen, by two different users, offering something very much like this.

Basically, they offered the sale of a data set of random users emails. I find it interesting that this post has popped up as a question considering the fact I’m almost certain those posts were removed by the moderator.

As someone in the IT field, I can assure you the main usage of such a database would be spam, from those who would buy such a database and thereby flood the email of users, which would ultimately end up in their Spam and be emptied without being read anyway; best case scenario.

Another usage would be to conduct either a Phishing attack or Identity theft; worst case scenario.

An IT department, including the one that oversees Fiverr will have a deep-seated aversion to both scenarios, so my recommendation is to not do that. Especially since it’s illegal.

I also want to ask the same question if it is allowed or not. i do sale them at quickPVA site but wonder if it is allowed here.

You say you want to ask this question - Have you read the replies to the original question? All the answers you need are literally just above your post…

(spoiler - the answer is no)


You can’t resell products here. Read the ToS. We shouldn’t have to tell you this.

Fiverr is for delivering personally fulfilled freelance services, NOT products.

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No you can’t sell Google accounts on fiverr. You cannot violate the terms of service of other companies. Fiverr will remove your fiverr account.

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No, Fiverr Doesn’t allow these type of services. you can’t sell any kind of account.

He may have a legitimate resale account through another company that partners with Google. But yeah still this totally breaks Fiverr ToS.

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No dude!

Its also against the Google terms and conditions and Fiverr too.

I hope you understand.