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Fiverr alow dropbox? if we use dropbox for order related work?

Fiverr alow dropbox?if we use dropbox for order related work?


Hi @dinial,

Yes, you’re allowed to use Dropbox when delivering orders.

Just be sure to attach a text file with the link inside and upload it as your delivered work, explaining this to your buyer on your delivery message.

Also please, remember to ALWAYS deliver orders using the delivery button. NEVER do it as an attachment through the Inbox. Doing so is giving your buyer your work for free.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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You are most welcome, @dinial. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes, you can use the dropbox , if your file is more then 1GB otherwise you should use fiverr option to deliver the files :+1:


You can use Dropbox even if the size is less than 1GB. Personally I use Google Drive to deliver orders if they are of a confidential nature. This is both for added security and to avoid the work being published in the portfolio. Often I’ll get work that is for internal use only, or confidential.

I know some sellers prefer to use cloud storage on all orders as well, because they might be doing backups there anyway, and pasting the link is easier than uploading the work again.

But you have to make sure the delivery is included, as I have heard of people getting in trouble for sending empty deliveries before - even though they included a link in the delivery message. So you should always include some sort of attached document with the link to the work, and perhaps an explanation of the work done etc. depending on the case.


Yes ! You can use Dropbox

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Yes, I use dropbox and google drive links to share big audio files never had any issue.

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