Fiverr always features the same people


A year has passed since I am on fiverr.

As you can see on my profile I did manage to sell quite a few gigs with 100% positive rating, which is not that easy though. I just wanted to give you my point of view on fiverr.

In first 2 or 3 months fiverr featured my gig ( twice. For everyone who has never been featured believe me the impressions of your gigs rise over milion of views. Consequently you get more orders and I managed to make the most money in the first few months.

A year later I would expect that orders amount rise but it doesn’t work that way. Even though I have great rating and a nice amount of done orders I can be happy if I even get a message in one day. I had about 2 or 3 orders in the past 5 months.

That leads me to a point that since I am here for a year now and I open the fiverr index site every single day, I happen to remember a few gigs that have been featured very very often and I don’t get it. Why does fiverr always feature the same people. Everyone of you who is a long time here on fiverr knows the gigs I am talking about.

I will be posting the gigs I recognise every day and maybe if you have a few favorites you also can post them.

Edit: Uploaded a new one :slight_smile:


I could be very wrong here, but I’m not sure offering to do someones homework is a good idea for Fiverr to promote.

Have you thought about changing your gig description for more of a B2B practice?




Reply to @artworkking: Actually I also have gigs that are more of a b2b practice. (Something like this

Thanks for replying.


Its a mystery at best. I’ve participate on fiverr since they first launched some years ago. I took leave from the site for a while then came back. I got one order since then, that actually went through as an order, and the rest were pretty much free projects.

It was partially my fault because I thought orders would register as soon as the Buy Gig button gets pushed. Didn’t know buyers could contact me directly in inbox. Lesson learned.

Maybe you’re not featured often because what you’re offering, in regards to the java homework, is either too broad or not unique enough. Maybe you could modify the java gig to focus on java for business sites and or apps.


It’s true some sellers are pushed forward just because they provide false claims but have better CTR and conversions because of that. I guess that’s the rout we should be all heading to, or at least the one Fiverr is pushing us towards. Fake promises, quantity etc. but not quality for sure.


Getting featured is a great honor based on sales and the originality of your gig, your reviews, etc. It’s not something they do at random, it’s a huge responsibility because Fiverr is putting their reputation on the line when they feature a gig. My Teespring gig was featured, but don’t think getting featured means you’ll get 10-20 orders a day. Or 1-5. It varies, it depends on what buyers are looking for.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: you always had an attitude of obedience to Fiverr Staff and its discriminating policies, I’m not surprised, but it’s not fair to lie other people and deny the truth that some sellers noticed that Fiverr always features the same people.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: As I said, I also have been featured twice and it does mean that if you know what you are doing and you have good rating you will get more orders. I had a screenshot somewhere where I had about 1,4m impressions and it is clear that you will sooner or later get more gigs if you are featured.

It would for sure be great to know what you need to do and take care of in order to be considered more often to be featured.

Thanks for replying.


Reply to @whitehatseo10: How does Fiverr discriminates? You think everyone should get featured? If everyone gets a trophy, then trophies mean nothing.

But go ahead, name the people Fiverr has featured more than once, and we’ll debate the merits of them being featured. I’ve been doing Fiverr for a while, and I haven’t noticed.


Reply to @reufko: That’s nice, my Brand Name gig got 25,000 impressions in 30 days, and 148 orders. My Teespring gig got 54,000 impressions, only 27 orders.

Teespring is my featured gig, yet as you can see, more impressions don’t equal more sales. So my view is that the focus should be on getting more sales, not on getting featured.

Why not buy a better gig picture? You have a nice face, but you got a Java gig, not a video spokesman gig. I would also do a video, if you don’t like being on camera, hire someone to be on camera for you. My opinion.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: How Fiverr discriminates?

Let’s see:

  • you have 1238 Reviews + 98% positive rating and due to this fact you’re a Top Rated Seller and have a gig featured (apparently permanent featured?);

  • I have 1422 Reviews + 100% positive rating and due to this fact I’m a Level 2 Seller and never had a gig featured (also here are hundreds of Level 2 sellers who have even more reviews than me and never had a gig featured);

    You’re right! There is no discrimination!!!



Reply to @whitehatseo10: Perhaps your attitude is part of the reason you’re not a top-rated seller? Just a thought! :wink:


I’ve often wondered the same thing… You do always see the same gigs featured, it seems like it would benefit fiverr to feature different gigs every week… or every few weeks.


Reply to @mrproofreading: I’m sure that writing the truth is a bad attitude, and also it’s available for other hundreds of Level 2 Sellers…


So there is a new one I saw lately, you are welcome to upload any of them that are familiar to you also.


Reply to @whitehatseo10: I understand you completely. There should be a clear overview of what you should do in order to get the TRS. Otherwise it will always be unfair.


Reply to @whitehatseo10:

  1. I have one gig featured.

  2. There’s a million guys doing SEO, there was only ONE GUY writing headlines for Teespring shirts. I was ORIGINAL. Fiverr likes original gigs.

  3. Yes, you’re 100%, congratulations. I guess you’ve never had a buyer leave you a bad review even though your gig told them “Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back”.

    No, there is no discrimination, other than the fact that not everyone gets a trophy for participation. So here’s my suggestion to you, go on and invent an SEO gig that NOBODY is doing, and if it’s in demand, maybe you’ll get featured.


Reply to @mrproofreading: It could be, when I see a guy that’s doing better than me, I want to know what he’s doing. I don’t complain about discrimination. Discrimination by the way is normal, ever seen a guy dancing with a pretty girl? That bimbo obviously discriminated against every other guy in the room for him.