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Hello there,

i am using fiverr since last 3-4 years but last 4-5 months are really hard at fiverr.

I didn’t work around january 2018-sep that time i had celebrity pic on my id.

which was there since so long time but fiverr changed their rules and without any notice they provided me warning.

so they didn’t provide any notice or rules regarding that.

now i got warning for providing feedback -

i wrote long message to customer support about how buyer manipulate the sellers.

For intro&animation section

when buyer submit any order requirements and you deliver that file.

after that buyer gives modification which wasn’t there in requirement.

so i thought that in this order buyer will affect me so i decided to contact customer support and told them about this loophole and how buyer will use it.i am writing will here because i predicted everything.

so buyer changed the requirement.

for 5$ i gave her 4 modification which cost me 2 hours.

and i told buyer that you can not change the requirements after you already submitted it or you need to pay extra for that.

she didn’t like that i told her because i had no chance…she was giving me extra modification which wasn’t there…later she gave me 4 star which i didn’t like…because it was totally wrong.

still i didn’t get any reply from fiverr support.

now i asked buyer that what happened ? i did modification as per your request…

she immediately said that please send me modify feedback request…i will do it.

but i said that fiverr eliminated that option and you need to contact support.

after that i got reply from support - santiago

he said that what i did was wrong and you can’t tell to buyer about anything.

i clearly mentioned that to my buyer is that there is no pressure from my side and if you want to change it…please do it.

but santiago (customer support) said that we won’t send you warning for that…and it is very wrong…

Very next day,i got warning from fiverr that i manipulated customer.

so fiverr did the trick that

i went there to change feedback and they gave me warning which cause me level 2 to level 1 seller.

and they said that if you say anything we will take actions on you.

i said that it was your words that you won’t issue warning…

Fiverr is tricking with all the selllers and they will support buyers no matter what happens.

p.s. if anybody thinks i am lying i can provide full screenshot of the story.


From Fiverr’s Terms of Service:

" Authentic Fiverr Profile - You may not create a false identity on Fiverr, misrepresent your identity, create a Fiverr profile for anyone other than yourself (a real person), or use or attempt to use another user’s account or information; Your profile information, including your description, skills, location, etc., while may be kept anonymous, must be accurate and complete and may not be misleading, illegal, offensive or otherwise harmful. Fiverr reserves the right to require users to go through a verification process in order to use the Site (whether by using ID, phone, camera, etc.)."

There’s no reason for anyone to think you’re lying, Fiverr no longer allows sellers to ask for feedback modification or to even mention feedback to buyers, or to make them feel bad about the feedback they gave you.

That’s how it is now.


Hello there,

it seems that you had nothing to do in both the warnings.

both the warnings were given in very wrong manner.
they are promoting but they are not promoting their rules that you can not add this profile pic or not.

so if they suddenly change their rules,it is their fault and not sellers.

and how can you give your words and don’t follow that.


The OP’s Fiverr account seems to have gone?


But Support guy mentioned that

he won’t issue warning but later he did…

so he changed the statement…

do you that it is correct ?


Perhaps because you were arguing with him?


Yes, the OP account has gone. I note that whenever a seller argues with customer Support the account got block.