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Fiverr always takes buyers' side, no matter what

I have had a few issues with buyers and now my account is restricted. The first time, a did a job for a buyer and delivered but the buyer did not check the job because they were expecting me to send a screenshot. So, without even checking if the job was done or not, they posted a very negative review on my gig and then reported my account to the support team and they temporarily restricted my account. After the buyer had realized her error, she came to my inbox to apologize. I then asked her to change the rating and Fiverr would not allow her and they refused to remove the strike even though the buyer had made a mistake.

Fast forward, a buyer asked me to do a book review for them, which I did. After I had delivered the review, the buyer sent in extra work and I ended up delivering 4 days late because of that. Mind you, this is a review of close to 3000 words. Suddenly, the buyer decides he doesn’t need it anymore and asks to cancel. I refuse and he reports to support and without communication from customer support whatsoever, my account is blocked. That means I worked for free for this guy. I’m here thinking that it’s what this guy does to people. He will ask you to do a job for him and then cancel the order after you have delivered the work.

I feel cheated and I’m so angry at Fiverr. It’s so hard to build an account to Level 2, only to work up and find out that your account has been closed for silly reasons. I have been a loyal seller for the past year and I don’t feel this treatment is fair to sellers. Why are the sellers always the wrong ones?


Yeah, Thanks for that

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You could ask CS what the reason for the account being blocked if you haven’t been given the reason. Maybe it could have been because of the word “review” or something if they thought it was product reviews that were going to be posted online.

They have explained that it’s against their TOS but at the same time, the buyer’s account is still available. I feel that’s not fair as it’s the buyer who asked that i should do this job for them. Therefore, we should both get our accounts banned. I have a feeling this is what the buyer does. Getting people’s accounts closed after he has received his work.


Have you got your account back or not?

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Not yet. I haven’t even attempted to get it back, i’m just so disappointed right now.

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You should contact the fiverr CS team. It takes a lot of hard work to become a level 2 seller. I am a newbie and I can understand the struggle we make in the beginning. So, try contacting the support team. I’m sure you will get your account back.

Yeah, will try doing that. Thanks

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