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Fiverr Amount Refund of Completed projects

Hello Everyone, Some days ago, I have noticed a piece of news about "Fiverr Amount Refund Even after completing the job and earned 5 Star reviews. How Fiverr can impose this activity only on the seller side? Fiverr is the Top one Freelancing workplace, AS its rule are more strict as compared to the other one (Upwork, Gure, etc), does that really happen? if true then how Fiverr process all these activities? Anyone can explain it briefly?


I don’t face this problem yet. I am also new here

I hope and wished that you should not face this issue as its more terrible even for our enemies. But It is real fact.

It just happened to me, I am a dj and I worked a lot on a project and after a month of having made the delivery this person did
cancellation, will working here no longer be safe?

That’s not right way. Fiverr should make strict rules by keeping in mind the privacy and personal satisfaction of Seller.