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Fiverr Amount Withdraw Isuue


On 15th of November, I withdrew an amount from my Fiverr Account. I always use the “Bank Transfer” option and it hardly takes 10 minutes to transfer the amount from Fiverr to Payoneer but this was not the case this time. The withdraw was initiated from the Fiverr but it never was completed successfully and it’s more than 3 days now. I contacted Fiverr Support as well but I didn’t get any positive response.
Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Should I get worry about it?


It’s mean Fiverr has cleared your Funds. Double check you have entered right information of your bank while linking your Bank account with Payoneer and Payoneer linked your Bank account. You should contact Payoneer support and tell about the issue.


It says that “The withdraw is initiated” but it never said, " Withdraw successfully". Normally whenever I withdraw from my Fiverr, it says withdraw successfully and I do get an email as well. But this is not the case this time.

My question is, if the withdraw isn’t completed successfully from Fiverr, what will Payoneer have to say ?


Possible scenario: Fund is out from Fiverr waiting to enter into your Bank, but possibly Your Payoneer isn’t linked with your Bank so The bank is not accepting the funds :slight_smile:


How do I check if Payoneer is connected or not?


This is why I suggested to contact with Payonner Support :slight_smile:


Hey, today I withdrew an amount from Fiverr and the withdrawal was successful that means my payoneer is connected with Fiverr.
I still haven’t received the amount I withdrew on 15th November