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Fiverr Analytical Skills Test

I tried to take the test and this is an extremely hard test that they provide. I was on question 10 or so with about 15 min left to go when the site told me that there are internet issues with the page- even though my internet did not drop- and soon after the site crashed. When I went back into fiver to continue or retake the test, my other test scores from my page disappeared, and when clicking on the test again, nothing is happening.

Anyone know what the solution is, or whom to talk to?

UPDATE: I can now see my scores for the other tests, but the analytical test shows as failed with 0 minutes spent on it and 0 of 10 question score. It also does not let me continue or retake the test, and it considers this attempt as one of the two allowed in the 3 month period. As to the score I know this is a bug because I am 100% sure I got the answer correct for at least 8 of them. I am a law student and these are LSAT logical and reasoning type question and I know how to solve them.