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Fiverr Analytics is not working properly. Is it only me?



I am a new seller at Fiverr and I have already had 6 sales with 100% positive reviews on all 6 of them. But when I visit the Fiverr Analytics Page, it says that only 3 of 6 gigs have been reviewed.

I have double-checked and all of them are reviewed and posted.

Is it just me or someone else is having a similar problem?

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I also have this issue of a really long time now. Says only 31 reviews when clearly I have more. I don’t really mind that because as kjblynx mentioned only sellers can see their analytics.


I had the same problem, seems to only update that part of it every few weeks


I have the same issue. And also Multiple Orders & GIG Extras Graphs are not working 8-|


I have got the same problem over here at this end of the world.