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Fiverr Analytics (trying to decide what exactly to offer for sale on Fiverr.)

I’m trying to decide what exactly to offer for sale on Fiverr. Is there any way that I can see all open gig requests to see what customer needs are NOT being adequately satisfied through the existing channels or those offerings that are either over offered or under requested? How do I determine the areas of demand that are being underserviced or competitive areas that are in low demand? The current analytics views seem to be of my own account and field rather than Fiverr as a whole.

I think, my friend – that you are shit out of luck.

You just need to put in the long man hours doing your own research with a good dose of trial and error to figure that out with zero help from Fiverr.

Now I’m just waitin’ to be “fragglesrocked” :smiley:

Do you have any experience or higher education in some area? Do you have any talent or skill? Or are you planning on figuring out where you can make money and try not to screw it up as you go along? Since Fiverr is a worldwide marketplace, there are literally thousands of customer needs. So, what is it that you can DO? :-/

@anigrams Yeah, you better watch out or Fiverr will put you on their Fecal Roster~!

The few gigs I had considered offering seem to not get a lot of searches or hits. I’m highly analytical and was a web programmer back in the day (pre-Y2K). I’ve been driving trucks and swinging hammers in the oilfield for several years and NOT finding anything but a hollow paycheck. No artistic / Photoshop talent to speak of. I barely know what SEO is. Lots of marriage and parenting experience (20 years married & 9 kids). But if there’s no ‘demand’ for that sort of thing on here, then it’d be a waste of time … unless I’m using Fiverr as a transaction processor for a relationship consulting business hosted elsewhere, but that may not be financially sound. The reason to put a gig on Fiverr is to attract customers who are already searching for your product or service here.

(I will) give you a list of fun, inexpensive activities to do with your kids, from newborns to teenagers (for $5).

(I will) help you plan the best travel routes that avoid tolls in the X area (for $5).

(I will) give you my list of the best truck stop restaurants in the X area (for $5).

(I will) give you advice and assistance with general home maintenance projects (for $5).

(I will) help you plan a scenic, memorable auto vacation in the X region (for $5).

(I will) share my best child-rearing tips (for $5).

(I will) have my fun, rambunctious kids hold your sign (for $5).

Here’s a few off the top of my head. Maybe they’ll stimulate some ideas for what will work for you.

@celticmoon those are excellent tips. I think choosing something you are knowledgeable about, like to do, and are good at, is the best chance for any kind of success.

mystic_insight said: I will teach you how to be a good father? Haha
Perhaps you didn't read what @tesfalcon said about his life experiences. Since he specifically said "I barely know what SEO is", backlink or SEO services didn't strike me as a particularly useful suggestion.

But, hey, I'm not a "psychic". I just read.

Apparently not even the OP’s posts.