Fiverr and Bitcoin as alternative pay method! OMG!


Is there any plans of Fiverr accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.


That would not be a good idea. Have you seen how many times the bitcoin exchanges have been hacked over the past year?


what about a wire transfer to your account? Best for those who are having issue with paypal. Payoneer Debit card is a great alternative but its a bit expensive.

What do you say gusy for Wire transfer as an alternative payment method?


Reply to @markp: What pay-gateway isn’t vulnerable to attack. uses Bitcoin among noteable entities.


Reply to @linkwheel_links: yeah…for normal sellers it is not an ideal option at all…


I never heard of Bitcoin. Is that as good as Paypal?


I think this will tell you everything… The exchanges have been hacked so many times now it has become a laughing stock and no one in their right mind would touch it… There are still a lot of people with more money than sense and still want to use it.


Can we use Payoneer Debit card rather than Paypal



Reply to @markp:

Sorry, that is completely irrelevant. The security of an exchange has no bearing on bitcoin payments to fiverr.


Are you guys all alright? do you all read??? bitcoin is like the internet it cannot be hacked

@markp please read up on bitcoin before you spread ignorance around…Bitcoin cannot be hacked…your logic on the exchanges does not follow. its like saying if fiver gets hacked then paypal will be hacked…and paypal is nothing compared to bitcoin mind you …read a book or a blog…educate your mind…you might end up doing something better than dolling out gigs on fiverr


Reply to @markp: please read a book, ignorance is not bliss in this case…start here: start here: heal your brain



Reply to @markp: please read a book, ignorance is not bliss in this case…start here: start here: heal your brain:


+1 for bitcoins.

No transaction fees from Paypal = Yes.


Reply to @kjblynx: “bitcoin” is not a ‘site’. oajayi01 was right to say it can’t be hacked. The hacking of bitcoin exchanges is about as relevant to bitcoin payments as the hacking of your bank is relevant to worldwide USD payments. i.e. not at all relevant.

So anyway, a year later and Fiverr still hasn’t implemented this. So disappointed but will continue to hope they see bitcoin’s benefits soon.


We have some news on this topic, Fiverr now accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. But it is not currently an option for withdrawal. Sellers continue to earn and withdraw revenue in US dollars even if the payment was made in Bitcoin.

You can read more about it here.


All about BTC can be found at:

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Great idea, I’m in!