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Fiverr and fraud and possible theft

Fiverr seems to be a website that supports fraud and rip-offs. I have been discussing this with what I believe to be one of their people at consumer report, but I’m not even sure that. I’ve received no satisfaction. I have read that they sometimes have helped some people, but certainly not in my situation. The person I have been talking to has the name of Milo, and he has done nothing for me.

What do you mean you have been discussing it with what you believe to be one of their people at consumer report? What do you mean you are “not even sure that”?

One of whose people? And do you mean customer support? Consumer Reports is not related to fiverr if that’s what you mean.

I am wondering if Milo did nothing for you because your complaint was semi-unintelligible and filled with vague statements. If you’re clear about the issue, you tend to get better support. It’s really funny how it works.

This post makes no sense to me either.

I think he’s referring that he sent a Report (probably complaint) to the Fiverr Support, and was apparently having a conversation with a certain Milo, but unfortunately didn’t get what he wanted.

Well, I think, if Milo and you had a conversation, then that’s far from having nothing from him because you had a conversation.

Maybe @emmaki was right, you get nothing because your statements were vague.

P.S. I think this post belongs to the ranting section.