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I apologise if this is in the wrong category. Please change my submision to the correct listing if need be with my thanks.

I rec’d a warning about the image I am using on my gig. The warning itself is very ambiguous as it does not tell me specifically what is wrong. The email states the following…“We noticed that your image is either low resolution, not the right size, or is in the wrong format.” It goes on to talk about the Terms of Service which makes me cringe even more. Like most of you I do not want my gig to be shut down because of this.

I found an image on FreePik (dot) com which is perfect for my gig (I am not an artist) and simply added a title to it. The image is only 96 DPI so I have upgraded it through my photo editor to 300 DPI, the image is 550X370 and is copyright and royalty free for use including commercial.

Am I violating anything in the TOS (I looked and can’t find anything)? Am I OK to continue using it now? I tried contacting Fiverr through clicking on the solutions button but it took me to a page that doesn’t have anything to do with this question and nothing in the FAQ that I could find.

Thank you anyone for your help. I just want to do the right thing.


Please check the URL you gave - I don’t think it’s what you thought it might be!

Check the licence at freepik dot com and make sure it’s suitable for commercial use.


WOW, that is definitely NOT what I was trying to direct anyone to, holy smokes!!

Checking the history in my Chrome now to get the right site, I am so sorry.