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Fiverr and heartbleed bug

I came here hunting news on the heartbleed bug and fiverr and how it is/will affect them only to find NO MENTION of it anywhere and the forums CLOGGED UP with all this SPAM CRAP that has nothing to do with the heartbleed bug.

See for more info.

I would advise everyone to to change ALL your passwords everywhere and be very very careful of any online transactions for the next few days.

The reports are saying that Ebay IS affected and PayPal is NOT affected.

That’s all I know about at the moment.

I’m surprised there is no official word from fiverr on it yet.

Owell there you have it folks. More to come I’m sure!


I was wondering about this myself. I agree, it’s a good idea to change all passwords just to be on the safe side.

Results from:

All good, seems safe!

For more info:

Sheriff’s Note: Posting Off Fiverr links is not allowed.

NOTE to sheriff: That idiotic rule needs CHANGING when it is for the benefit of the members and NOT for spamming or self promotion!!!