Fiverr and its Request for Modification Miracles


Fiverr’s Request for Modification is irritating me. I would like to see a “Review Buyer’s Request” before Fiverr approves the request. Fiverr needs to stop immediately approving the request and counting the timer against the seller.

I’ve had buyers request modification for little things that can be resolved via the message inbox or send a request for modification to ask a minor question.

Even worse, Fiverr expects me to perform miracles in 5-10 minutes. A buyer recently requested modifications 5-10 minutes from the 48 gig hours ended. Fiverr literally started the counter at 10 minutes. When I checked my email and saw a modification request was sent 10 minutes ago and logged in, Fiverr counter said #LATE#. I told the buyer to cancel the request because the issue can easily be resolved via message. Haven’t gotten a response yet.

Seriously though Fiverr, 10 minutes!!! Clearly, you think I’m Superman. But, jokes on you, I’m Batman.


Fiverr doesn’t have enough people for that too happen, as a matter of fact, customer service is supposed to be a last resort, not a first resort. It’s better for buyers and sellers to interact with each other first. Buyer Requests are annoying, and you as a seller can choose the following.

  1. Deliver nothing and tell your buyer what you did was perfect (you risk a horrible 1-star review)

  2. Deliver a modification

  3. Request a cancellation (hit resolution center and fill in the blank)

    I know it’s frustrating to work and not get paid, but that happens in the real world to. Besides, what can you do? Put “Cancellations Will Not Be Accepted” in your gig? Then you won’t get orders.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: It’s funny you put this: “Besides, what can you do? Put “Cancellations Will Not Be Accepted” in your gig? Then you won’t get orders.” because that was my next plan in a few hours. I know it happens in the real world, but real world people pay slightly higher. I’ve always provided modifications, but I think it’s the way the requests are made that gets to me. I would like the modification counter to wait till I access my Fiverr account rather than begin immediately once buyer sends a request. I appreciate your genuine feedback.


Reply to @sallynn: Well, as a Capitalist I believe every seller is free to run his business and his wishes, and see what happens. I’m honestly interested to see if you get more orders or less.

What I have noticed is that sometimes it pays to argue with your buyer. He wants a cancellation and you think the work you did is great, you can defend it. Or you can prevent problems by explaining the complexity of your work when you deliver. My best experience was getting a buyer who cancelled a $45 order to give me a $15 order as a tip, after realizing all the effort I put in delivering his work.

By the way, the people demanding modifications, are they lawyers themselves, or the general public? If they’re lawyers then you know you’re dealing with people trained to find faults.

Ironically, I’ve written radio commercials for ambulance chasers and bankruptcy lawyers, and they’ve been very nice to me. So maybe it’s a case of sharks eating their own, no offense. :slight_smile:

P.S. I like lawyers.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Initially, I was planning to. But when I saw your first response, I decided against because there are some return clients I like assisting them with further revisions. They’re the reason I stay on Fiverr despite the ranting. I will definitely implement your advice: “sometimes it pays to argue with your buyer. He wants a cancellation and you think the work you did is great, you can defend it.” I think I’ve been passive for too long.


Reply to @sallynn: Thanks. Ironically, the clients that upset me more are the ones that like to message me a lot before they place an order, they’re extremely annoying. Here’s what I typically get, and I’m copying and pasting:

"I am new to Fiverr. I am starting a fashion trading company. I need your help to come up with a brand name which has an available .com . Please let me know how to give you the brief so that I can order the GIG."

What’s so hard to understand about Write 5 Brand Names for $5? I ask him that in a polite way and this is what I get.

"What is confusing me is that you charge $5 for suggesting 5 names and and an extra $5 to ensure domain availability.

Does this mean that all 5 names that you give me will have an available .com domain?

I hope the available .com on GoDaddy will not be premium and can be purchased on basic price?"

Amazing, isn’t it? Some clients don’t need a domain name, so they don’t order the gig extra. Others do, and since searching online takes time, I charge more. It should all be self-explanatory, sometimes I think buyers do understand but they just want to argue.