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Fiverr and sellers you find there in are wire fraud artists ... stay way

paid for a gig, website style landing page … fragglesrock took my money and delivered absolutely nothing, claimed he had hosting problems … fiverr did nothing to return my money … therefore they harbor criminals … and perpetrate fraud themselves …


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I’m starting to think people need to pass a reading test before signing up for anything.

This is so typical, because ONE PERSON has a bad experience with ONE SELLER, then suddenly everyone else is a crook and fraudster.

By the way, the guy you’re trashing has a lot of positive reviews on his Logo gig.

And a ton of portfolio samples, some of them really impressive. As for his web gig, someone wrote:

"it was decent. didn’t realize I’d have to plug in all my own information after and remove so many aspects of the website though. "

Which is understandable, for $5, do you really expect him to spend an hour or more plugging all your information? He’s a designer, he has better things to do.

That guy gave him 4-stars. So my only question to you is, are you sure he delivered nothing? Did he not delivered a package you have to open an export on word press? Or a link? I’m sure he delivered something, but you probably don’t have the skills to work with what he gave you. That’s understandable, I don’t have those skills either, which is why if I were to hire a website designer, I would give him access to my website to he can do the job there.

Good luck, and stop trashing Fiverr, you got your money back, hire someone else.

Please complain regarding your matter to Fiverr Contact Support. If not (You) Buyers always have option to refund your money if not satisfied deliveries. not a SCAM. There lot of genuine Sellers here. Try to get best one. I think you need to contact Seller before placing order.

Sometime following article helpful to you…

Fiverr Customer Support

@shutterklicker ,

I get you are frustrated here, be hold your horses. Here are some options on the table:

  1. Contact Customer Support (not the forum) If seller made a ‘blank’ delivery, point that out. - Ask for refund.

  2. Go to order page, than Resolution center (next to order number) > Mutually Cancel order. - After order is cancelled, you will get refund.

  3. Go to order page, bottom of the order > leave a negative review (this won’t get you refund)

  4. Exhale.