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Fiverr and the New York Yankees Present: The Game Changer


Fiverr has partnered with the New York Yankees to present #TheGameChanger: a chance for start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to score big.

Share your brand story and get votes for the chance to win the following game-changing prizes, including enormous exposure for your business.

Tell Us Your Story
Create a 30 second video pitching why your startup, small business, or entrepreneurship deserves to go big league. Tell us why you went out on your own, and what drives you to succeed. Remember- keep it unique and creative!

Upload Your Pitch
Upload your pitch video to the video gallery below, and complete the entry form. Then submit!

Vote and Share
Now it’s time to share, share, share! Spread the word about the contest and your small biz using the social sharing buttons on your entry. Ask customers, friends, and family to share and vote to get you one step closer to the prize.

Check out al the details and what you could win!



How do you vote for others if you don’t want to enter to help others out?


There are some videos on the site right now with a vote button right below each one. :grinning:


Thank you! Just took a look at them now and voted!


There’s some great ones on there already! :sunglasses:


Can you have someone else make the video for you?


Interesting… :baseball:




I’ts Great Idea. Thanks #Fiverr :facepunch:


Great step
Appreciate it


Great step :white_flower:


very Interesting…


Great! Nice work guys and good luck to everyone entering!


Great Idea. I appreciate it. Thanks #Fiverr


Wow, it’s a very good news. fiverr is great :writing_hand::


Wow - what an incredible opportunity for a special entrepreneur!


You going for it, Joe?

You’re an entrepreneur along with many other great full time freelancers here! :slight_smile:


A great news …


It’s just so great…