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Fiverr and their new bad RATING SYSTEM

I don’t know if anyone else had experience this here on Fiverr

Before posting this, i recently delivered a gig and i was on 96% positive rating, after delivering the gig, the seller gave me a 5 FULL STAR rating and my rating system dropped from 96% to 95%.

If a 5 star cannot maintain your rating, how about 3 or 4, i think this is really bad and i still have no idea why Fiverr is using such rating system.

You think your rating went down because someone gave you 3-stars? When I go to the negative reviews section, I see reviews under 3 stars, so 3-stars must be considered positive even when buyers write nasty things.

In the end what matters is the quantity of positive reviews, and preventing negative one by issuing mutual cancellations whenever it becomes impossible to please a buyer.

The ARS is broken. I have been fighting with support about this for the last 3 months. I I have a huge amount of data which proves the system is broken and I will release this shortly as fiverr is doing NOTHING about it.

3 stars are considered NEGATIVE reviews.

I recently had a 4 star which the system marked as negative.

Fiverr claims the ratings are adjusted when you get more postive reviews. I can tell you now for a FACT that this is not the case.

The system is broken.

Watch this space for more updates.

I strongly agree with you, if the complete rating is 5 star, then i think 3 star should be considered as Positive and not negative.

What bothers me about the rating system is that it’s designed for exaggeration. If a buyer is perfectly happy with their experience they have to say it’s super-amazing, awesome, fantastic for the seller to get ‘full credit’ for doing well. Or rather for a seller not to get penalized with a disproportionate overall rating.

I don’t lose much sleep over the kookiness of Fiverr, but it bugs me that users are forced into saying they’re awe struck just to keep up appearances. I don’t want to negatively affect someone’s reputation because I don’t feel that behaving appropriately warrants high praise, but I also don’t like being cajoled into saying something is “outstanding” and “excellent” when it is only what is reasonably expected.

It’s also not good that sellers have to spend the time and effort to explain to buyers that the Fiverr system is wacky so could they please change that 4 star rating to a 5 star because that’s the only thing Fiverr understands as satisfactorily completing an order.

I totally agree that the star rating system is a mess. Fiverr penalizes sellers for the tiniest appearance of imperfection which is ridiculous. Good sellers are human beings who do their best to do a good job and create relationships with buyers. When you perform services that aren’t done by automatic software sometimes you’ll make an error. When you try to build relationships with buyers most will love you for it and come back, but an occasional buyer will not work with you well.

On most other sites, any positive rating is just that - positive. On Fiverr 3 stars is total crap and 4.9 still isn’t “good enough.” I end up having to refund buyers who don’t deserve refunds to avoid the occasional buyer who doesn’t believe in giving 5 stars for any reason. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot I really like about Fiverr or I wouldn’t still be buying and selling here. I hate the ARS though and I give it one star for my own poor experience with the silly thing.

I had hoped, when the ARS started, that the buyer expectation that a seller would maintain an absolutely perfect score (which, I think, was much easier with the thumbs up, thumbs down system), would eventually dissipate. I think it has, to some extent.

On other platforms that use a five-star system, like Etsy or Amazon, people are more than willing to purchase from someone who has a 95% positive score and while I think many buyers here are starting to feel the same way, I think there’s still a grave misunderstanding about how ratings affect seller or even what should earn a seller five stars.

I still don’t like it. I still get a little tremor every time I get a notification letting me know somehow has left a rating. Even buyers that have messaged to let me know that they really liked my work have left 3.5 or 4 star reviews–that’s the mentality of a five-star system. Despite the criteria that Fiverr provides and how well a seller actually delivered on what was promised in their gig description, buyers will still come up with their own criteria for rating:

Was this delivered as quickly as I thought it should have been? Did it adhere to my unstated but implied length requirements? Did I forget to send some part of the instructions, and therefore the work did not completely reflect what I wanted? Did I forget to read the gig description and therefore don’t even really know what this seller is going to deliver to me?

The point is that in many cases, when I’ve asked a buyer why they rated me the way they did, we eventually circle back around to the fact that buyers often do not understand how badly even one sub-par rating can hurt your business–not just that other buyers might not purchase from you, but that your gig might fall in the search results.

This star rating system has ruined Fiverr sellers and has done nothing good to buyers as well. I hope Fiverr will change it.

What about the hours of work a freelancer may put into a project? Will those be refunded back to the seller upon mutual cancellation?

Why are negative reviews so scary for sellers? We should be more concerned with not setting a precedent for free work on Fiverr.

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I usually ask the buyers to leave me an awesome review. I never have any issues with buyers leaving midrange reviews. I’ve gotten 4.9 a couple of times, which did take my overall rating down a bit - which was funny.

I don’t know how most sellers go about delivering their orders, but it may have something to do with why they receive mid-range reviews. I tend to make sure buyers are happy with their work, prior to officially delivering it. The reason is this: having an order just be delivered gives it a feeling of finality, making the buyer feel a lack of control. This lack of control may lead them to leave a review in attempt to gain some control back. The buyer needs time to assess the final product, and assure themselves that they got what they needed.

It’s advisable that you check in with the buyer to see if they are happy with everything, before sending it in. Occasionally they will want a small change or something, which is worth the good review, and doesn’t take up much time. This kind of thing also promotes a good relationship and line of communication between buyer/seller.

I was wondering if I was the only one feeling this way. What unnerves me greatly though is the fact that some buyers don’t pay attention to the criteria they are to rate us on. The three criteria are: communication, service as described, and I can’t remember the other one. If I have done all of these things correctly and provided you with a good product, I shouldn’t receive less than 5 stars. I’ve had spats with two buyers about this because I found their ratings unfair for the service and product they received.

When buyers leave feedback that is less than 5, it would be nice if we knew where they docked us. At one time, we saw this information, but it was short-lived. And, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if there is still a way. From my standpoint, we have to ask the buyer where they docked us to improve our services (or if it’s something else entirely). And, unfortunately, some buyers just don’t care to respond.

With the current way the Fiverr system is for sellers, there’s just no way to know. if it’s us or the buyer. Really would like to know the information without the incessant need to contact the buyer.

It’s just dumb!