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Fiverr and Visas


I was wondering if anyone has managed to figure out how to justify Fiverr as primary income when applying for long-term visas (since we’re not allowed to contact our clients for confirmation, and Fiverr isn’t an employer).

Thanks in advance!

Wouldn’t your tax returns work? I do not know how your country (if you are not in the US) works, but, I would think perhaps if you have been earning a decent living on Fiverr for more than say 2 or 3 years, and have tax returns to prove it, it may be used?

You may have to contact an immigration lawyer in your country to get the facts though.



Yeah, the problem is I’ve only been working on Fiverr for about a year (pandemic and all kind of forced it) and it’s obviously taken time to build up so I can’t really prove that it will be a reliable income for the duration of my stay abroad (which, I assume, is what I need to be able to justify).