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Fiverr Android App is not Working


Fiverr App is not working properly , Currently showing check your internet connection in the meantime where internet connection is completely Okay, I am suffering from login now. Do anyone face it?
I am hoping Fiverr sort out the issue quicker.

Fiverr App is not working Currently
Anyone else facing problem with fiverr mobile app?
Can't login with app
My Fiverr App is not working
My Fiverr Android Apps not Working

here same case also


I am using it. there is no trouble…


Same with me. I tried to log out and now I can’t even log back in :no_mouth:


same with me what need to do?


Someone says on other topic that Fiverr is fixing it, I guess no other choice but to wait…


Also I have been facing same problem.


Yes. show same problem


Everyone facing this trouble


Seriously whats going on… any news from Fiverr!!!


yes app have some problems but make sure you have latest version installed , force stop and access again


Same problem here,Tried to update, But there is not any new update


It’s the same thing here.


Big problem with my notification in few days ago… My response time goes down…
and its bad for my gigs…
But i tweak my android phone power consumption setting and grant fiverr app working in background permission … That’s work like magic…:slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
I am facing a problem with fiverr app for phone. I cant open fiverr app in phone but i can in my computer.
please help me to know what happened.

thanks in advance.


Hello there, my Fiverr App has been working OK until today. Since morning,I have not been able to connect to Fiverr using the app. What could be the problem? The internet connectivity on the phone is OK.


@ashrafull and @timothyngiri… have you updated it from store…sorry but may be you are using a old app…


Thank you for concern. My app is actually up to date.


Nope buddy my app is updated 2x this morning and it is up to date


still can’t login:disappointed_relieved: