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Fiverr Android App is not Working


Any update from Fiverr??


Have you asked Fiverr CS? It could be a bug…

Fiverr haven’t said anything on here about it - have you checked out their FB and Twitter feeds? If not, why not ask CS if you’re having a problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

Checked for you all - nothing on FB or Twitter - please just ask CS!


@misscrystal can have the update on the issue. Let her say something to help us.


Why would @misscrystal know? Please don’t invite unsuspecting users onto a thread about which they might know nothing.

Please just ask CS! :sunny:


Fiverr App is not working properly , Currently showing check your internet connection in the meantime where internet connection is completely Okay, I am suffering from login now. Anyone face it?


Same having the same problem .its showing “No internet connection”


Same here, Having this problem that you mentioned from yesterday…


Looks like I’m not only one who is facing this issue. But the question is, is it happening to everyone?


This might give you more idea:



Is that the problem occurring in Bangladesh only? Where are you from guys?


What Happened with Fiverr mobile App!!! Someone tel me how to solve this problem, it’s only for me or Everyone problem!?



Don’t know about that


is here only for seller this issue continuing??


Um unable to login in the app


I have the same situation


I have same problem, but the computer is working properly


Same problem with my Android Fiverr app starting last night. It won’t login. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, but my credentials don’t login, only on a computer will it login. I guess the forum doesn’t have any official fiverr people who respond or maybe they are busy working on the problem. Hope it gets fixed soon. Apparently I really count on that app more than I realize!


Is it a official notice or fiverr app slow down??
Can any official member do some help on this issue?