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Fiverr Android App is not Working


Those who are using apple phone, they will not understand because apple IOS app is ok. There is no problem but in android app user will know the fact.

Note: Most of the times we ware completed our general activities by using smartphone. If the problem will not solve quickly then some of us will damage our account’s label requirement.


Exactly it’s almost 13 hours Android App is not logged in, going to face issues for App.


I’m in UK and been having the same problems with the app since last night.

Thought I’d do Google search for “problems with Fiverr app” to see if anyone one else we having issues…low and behold, I find this whole thread dedicated to the current woes users are experiencing with the app - nice!

I’m on android, so got my Sister to check on iOS and there was an issue on that too. I’ve tried the following solutions, which DO NOT work (in order of actual actions):

  • Checking for app updates (latest version is currently installed)
  • Force stop and restarting the app
  • Turning off and turning on my phone
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the app
  • Using the app on other phones (android & iOS)

At present, the only thing that seems to be working is accessing the web version via Chrome on my phone or using a computer.

I hope that Fiverr provides an update on this soon, as the app itself is pretty good and I’ve never had any issues with it in the past.

If anyone has successfully figured out any solutions that actually resolve the issue, do let is know! :wink:


I am also suffering & following these issues but still not figure out the perfect solutions.

Waiting for the Fiverr updates!!


Same issues for App. 2 days not login.


my one also… :disappointed_relieved:


I’m facing the same problem! Any update from Fiverr?


I am having problem logging into the app too. hope they fix it quickly.


Facing same issue. Any update??

Fiverr app not supported Android…


I have same problem, but still working my computer


We all are facing the same problem. I think fiverr is updating on it. Hope it will start work soon :slight_smile:


Uk seller here. Doesnt work at all on app. Happened s ce last night.


Missed a message from new buyer as a result, hope that will not affect my stats?


This problem only showing in android app.
Iphon Fiverr app is working.


So what need to do? Can you help ?


Don’t worry bro for now just use your PC and it will be fix very soon.
Maybe this problem took 3 or 5 hours.


Great to hear very much


Guys from Pakistan: I use Zong 4g, Fiverr app is not working on Zong 4g but it is working on PTCL boradband. i have tested on both internet connections.


yes it’s issuing maximum android user


Same problem here.
In Russia, it doesn’t work in the majority of mobile networks (except one).
I solved it by installing a VPN app. Strangely, but it works without any issues now.