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Fiverr Android App is not Working


Has anybody contacted fiverr support?


which VPN app? which country VPN?


May be not yet contact support


I think any will work. I’m using Turbo VPN and it connects to Germany.


I think reinstalling app may help.


I guess this can be harmful, changing location can cause the suspension of account permanently. I just guess…


I never had any issues using my app during travels in Europe and Asia in various mobile and WiFi networks, so it shouldn’t be a problem. For now it’s the only way to get notifications in time.


i also noticed :frowning:


Hoping for sort it out sooner


I have been having issues with the Fiverr Android App since yesterday afternoon. Uninstalled and Reinstalled but now it will not sign in. Also keeps saying Internet Connection not available even though wi-fi is working just fine for other apps.


that is happening from morning


I can not login from android


Finally using the fiverr app on phone again.yeah!!!


It’s okay on IOS device but if it wasn’t then i will use browser temporary.

I herd from somewhere that Zong uses china proxy. If this is the case then i think you shouldn’t use Zong for fiverr.


SOLVED NOW! Its working …


Now i checkd and it’s working now :v:


Yeah working:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


hahaaaa yap i know :grin:


I am facing the issue right now, did you complain fiverr?


my app is also not working