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fiverr anywhere , what is this ?what are the benefits?

hello guys,
I am here to learn about this new thing. basically i want know what is this and what are the benefits of this new thing to seller. As a seller how much it will help to me?
as a seller how much it helped to you guys? if you can share your experience it will help to me.

thank you.

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It is just another way to promote your Fiverr gig to other social media, and look more"professional", instead of copying your gig URL link to the social media.

Hmm, the benefits is not much, just make your gig more better looking and more professional on other social media.
Just treat it as a promotional post. You direct your audience to FIverr

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Is it something like posting a buyer request?

You can try, it’s not a buyer request.
Its just generating a post that you can share to your social media easier

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ah okay I will.
thank you very much.