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Fiverr App doesn't appear in Notification Centre iPhone 6s

Since day one when I installed the Fiverr app, I’ve not been receiving notifications, which can be a little frustrating. Now, my problem isn’t what most people experience (notifications sometimes work), mine don’t work at all, since the app doesn’t even appear in the Notification Centre to adjust the notification settings.

I’ve installed and uninstalled the app multiple times, its up to date, as is my iOS, so I am very puzzled with what I need to do here :frowning:

Anyone have any fixes for this issue?

I got this figured out. Took a look on Apple Forums! I don’t know how to delete a thread.

can you share how you solved the problem?

For everyone facing problems related to notifications, hopefully you may find a solution from this post. If not, you can try to escalate the issue to Customer Support! Thank you.

It would be helpful if you share your solution to the rest of the community.