Fiverr app doesn't work on iphone!


I updated my iphone to the new iOS 8 yesterday and since then, whenever I open my fiverr app it takes me to an empty page!

once, I managed to get to the inbox, it was showing that I have a message, when i click it, it takes me to an empty page

I never had this problem before and it only happened after updating the device so I guess it’s it


The latest Fiverr app is currently under an App Store review, as soon as it’s released, please update your app and everything should be fine it contains the latest fixes for iOS8.


I am definitely looking forward to the iOS8 update. Even one day without a working fiverr app slays me. My husband hates how much I’m on my phone for work but it really is the fastest way to connect with customers.


yah the app is a blessing. im not always on the computer so I can just respond back via phone. but it has also driven me insane LOL… I am constantly checking my fiverr app if I have gotten a message or order.