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Fiverr app has switched me to buyer mode and now I can't see switch to seller mode?

I just opened by Fiverr app I was in seller mode and it wasn’t opening asking me to try again refreshing page I did that couple times. Then it loaded saying you are in buyer mode now. I tried change back to seller mode but I didn’t see the option to do so. I did update the and tried rebooting my phone and app. Don’t get to know problem.
Waiting for a kind response.

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I have found my solution, I had deleted all my gigs from my fiverr account that why I was unable to get into my seller mode.

I have also deleted my saved gigs but still I can’t find ways to become a seller. Pls help. Thanks

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Sir, that is the problem when we delete all our gigs. Fiverr automatically shifts us to buyer mode. Here is the 100% working solution you can test it now:
make a gig on your fiverr account come back and refresh your app you will see the seller/buyer mode back.
P.S if this helps you please let me know. I will be waiting

How to make a gig?

Is it by reacting a HEART to a gig until it is reflected into my Saved Gig section?

No, you have to make an actual gig that’s yours, you can only do this via the website, not the app.