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Fiverr App in different mobile phones

Hi. I have a question… how many mobile phones can you have to use the Fiverr App…? I mean, how many apps can you log in at the same time with your account… Thanks



Will you be using 3 phones all at the same time? :neutral_face:

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I am very sure you can’t have the same app on your phone twice correct me if am wrong though

I only use it in my one Phone! I don’t know how many mobile phone you carry at a single time. By the way Fiverr App is available for both Apple and Android.

Are you referring to using the fiverr app for each of your different mobile device?

yes. I own a couple of mobile devices… one of them only works with wifi, so it’s the one I use at home. The other one I take it during the day while I’m outside. But I was wondering if I can do that with another mobile device… just curious

I once had the Fiverr mobile app on my Android and my iPhone before I finally stopped using the android.

I might be wrong, but I really thinking you can have the mobile app on both phones.

You can use your fiverr account with unlimited devices(mobile+desktop+tablet+capsul) :wink:. There will not be any problem with that.If you can use in same time then fiverr has not any problem with that.

I’ve used it on two phones at the same time. So i assume it can run on unlimited devices