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Fiverr app initial message bug?

Hey everyone.

It’s been 24 hours since I noticed this.

I get a notification on my phone that I have a new message on Fiverr.

Tapping the notification opens up the app but I get an empty page showing me the buyer who messaged me but not their message.

Once I reply to the initial message via desktop, then I can access the conversation through the mobile app as well.

Anyone else has this issue?


Yep, having that since yesterday


I’ll forward this to whoever I can.

Thanks @mariashtelle1

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Same here…

Having the same issue!
from tomorrow…
I hope it will be fixed soon…

First time I thought it was a spam…

I just got a message to work.

Let’s see if this was resolved or not.

Happened to me several times.

I had this once in a while but after few days it’s come to normal I never contact CS or anyone because I always thought it’s big site and things like this can be happen but it’s really a disadvantage if you can’t access through your desktop while you are away. :no_mouth:

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It happens time to time, I think it was some earlier messages we got from our clients

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