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Fiverr App - iOS App Updates


We’re constantly working on new updates to improve the Fiverr App for iPhone. We’ll be posting updates on this here in this thread.

Stay tuned!


@calocedrus, which versions are you using? The app supports iOS6 and above as well as iPad 2 and above.


@madmoo, @theheadhunter, we are testing a number of new features on the app. This is one of them. We continue testing different features to improve the app’s usability for both buyers and sellers.



  • Written reviews for orders are now available on the App.

    More features to come. Stay tuned!


Second that madmoo!

I can’t commit to using the app until I can manage my feedback…

I must say though, It’s pretty convenient to have it on my iPad, thanks Fiverr for making our lives easier with each new addition.


The latest update includes:

  1. Support for available languages emoticons
  2. Seller pages - enabling direct communication with specific sellers
  3. FAQ page in the settings section
  4. Online option - ability to show buyers when you are online

    More updates are coming, including written feedback from buyers on orders and collection syncing with the Fiverr website.


Yes Android App is much wanted.


Can you please update it for the iPad?


Thanks for creating this app for the iPhone. I particularly like to receive notifications from customers when I’m away from my laptop so I can respond right away. But I did notice the other day, that notifications for new orders does not come through. Any idea when this feature will be added to the app?


I’m interested in the answer to Madmoo’s question - are we showing as “online” or no?


I can’t wait for the android app!


Good to finally get this app!


Finally get the app!!


I was using the app infrequently up until about a week ago. It wouldn’t function whatsoever on my ipad. I uninstalled it and now I’m unable to install it from the App store… any suggestions?


@natalieab I have the newest version of iOS7 on an iPad 4. I was able to reinstall the app this morning. Looks like there have been some new updates. How’s the feedback function now? Are buyers able to leave “real feedback” rather than just "hooray!.. You got a thumbs up from USERNAME"

Also a suggestion for the listing in the App store - the app is only available under the iPhone setting, when searching under iPad, the app is not available… since it works on both platforms, I would suggest changing your settings…

I’ll give it another try this week for delivering and receiving orders.




I messed around on the App… Awesome fix! Thanks for listening to our suggestions about the lack of ability to leave feedback. I was able to use it this evening and leave feedback for multiple deliveries.

I cannot however, find where to deliver my order using the App. Still have to use the full site for it. Also it’s geared solely for buyers; it’s incredibly difficult to manage sells. The website is not great for managing sells, but the app. is impossible…

Now if only you’ll take up my suggestion about a spot for buyers to enter their shipping information (for gigs that require shipping physical items) to both increase speed of delivery and eliminate errors that might arise.

Again, thanks for constantly improving our experience here on fiverr!



Looking forward to this online feature, although will we have to keep the app open all the time? If so that’s silly. I always have my phone - so the online feature should be turned on always until we can turn it off before bed.


@natalieab Is there any way to deliver work on the app? It’s very hard to manage sales on the app, it’s hard enough on the website, but I can’t seem to navigate my sales within the app whatsoever. I think sales should be managed by gig not all sales under the same tab…


Would be nice if we can see the countdown on the app itself.

Also, if we can do submissions using the app.

I’m sure Fiverr has something great up their sleeves soon.


@calocedrus currently not, but this is something the team is working on.