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Reply to @natalieab: Thanks for the update!


Thank you for that. Keep moving on.


I just checked out the updated app and it’s getting really good. I think it’s to the point where I will now prefer to use it rather than go into Safari on my iPhone and use the website.

Well done. It’s very professional and thorough now.


Latest Updates:

  1. Collections on the Fiverr App are now synced with your collections on Fiverr.

  2. You can search for specific sellers when using the search bar.

  3. There are filter options available for search results including: Highest Rated, Recommended, Videos. Just like on Fiverr’s website.

  4. A whole new experience when viewing your deliveries on the order page. Check it out and let us know what you think.

    More updates are coming.

    Please keep sharing your feedback with us!


As a seller I have an issue with the app that hasn’t been brought up:

When looking at the order, the username is not shown for the person buying the gig. It’s very confusing. Still can’t deliver gigs. Are we to expect this to be more seller friendly soon?


The way to create a fast app is to use JavaScript and build a fiverr API with allow-access-origin * and implement AJAX on the app.


Reply to @madmoo: I think the online feature only applies to those using the app. So if a buyer is using the app, he will see a seller also using an app. But desktop users don’t see an “online” thing as far as I can tell. So yes, I guess it would be a slight disadvantage to not also have it running on your phone.

One thing I’m not sure of yet is do I actually need to have the app open and visible on my iPhone or if I can keep it running in the background and still show as online. I guess I’ll need to get another phone to test!


I would love to see the syncing of notifications! I would also love to see a more expanded section for sellers (or possibly a new app altogether just for sellers to manage their dashboards). Keep up the great work!


I LOVE the app… yet… I would love to have my “to do” list available on my phone as well. It would be HUGELY helpful with the type of work I am doing.


great much needed one


when I have enough sales on fiverr, the first thing I’ll do is buy an iphone for download the application B) I bet that would make the job easier.


Reply to @kjblynx: oh, thank you i’ll remember for the future :slight_smile:


awesome job creating a iOS app for fiverr, i know a lot of sellers are using apple products and i am sure they will benefit from this. cheers


I love the iOS Fiverr app, I use it both on the iPhone and iPad and I love how push notifications keep you updated with any new message or order. As some mentionned above, it would be nice to keep showing as online even when the app is running in the background. I always leave the app open either on my phone or tablet, so I can show online as often as possible


Will the fiverr app alert me instantly when someone order my gig if i am out of that app but my phone is on and mobile data connection on(android)?


Reply to @madmoo: hi i have a ques.

Will the fiverr app alert me instantly when someone order my gig if i am out of that app but my phone is on and mobile data connection is on (android)?


My fiverr android app takes more memory some time it get stucked :frowning: (:expressionless:


Reply to @calcommpr: I also noticed I’m not getting push notifications with fiverr app. :frowning:


Anybody else having issues with the app. I am not getting updated messages or notifications anymore. I get the notification sound, but never refreshed the messages. submitted a ticket with no response :frowning:


Reply to @natalieab: I just updated the app after a several month hiatus from Fiverr. I am really disappointed that the latest version is still lacking the ability to deliver gigs! What’s up with that?