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Fiverr App Is Bugged - View As Seller Disappeared (Android) (FOUND FIX)

The Fiverr app just moved me to the buyer version and the view as seller button is gone. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling the app but that doesn’t seem to fix the issue which means I’m stuck on the Buyer version of the app.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on?


Using my vast intellect I managed to fix the problem. Go clear the Fiverr App Cache and Data. Fixed the app for mine.

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Mine updated today as well, but I can still see ‘view as seller’ down the bottom?

Have the same issue on my mobile app.
Didn’t cleaned the cache or everything else.
I think it was a server problem

I was using it as a seller a few minutes a go but it bugged out, moved me to the buyer version and the view as seller option disappeaered.

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Thanks god, it works properly now.

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I think the most serious bug of android app right now is the fact that if you scroll down in any category, you see duplicate of the same gig. I sent this to customer support. It’s been several days and they still try to fix it. No update yet. If you haven’t noticed it yet try to navigate in any gig category. You’ll see the same gigs apearring again and again as you scroll down.

I cant find View as a seller in my Fiverr Android App (Galaxy S8 i am using)

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