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Fiverr app is not showing my data entry expert gigs

My mobile phone fiverr app is not showing my total gigs. I am facing this issue from 24th of March 2021. Regardless of this fiverr app, there are complete 4 active gigs on desktop.
Is there anybody who can share in this regards.
My fiverr data entry gig link is as under:


Maybe reinstall the app or update it?

Same issue as Fiverr recently made data entry category changes and my best gig is out of app and the data entry category.

I have already use this trick but no use.


I have reinstalled but still facing this issue.

Why is it an issue? The gig can be seen on desktop, so clearly it exists on Fiverr.

You are right. But we are using mobile phones to get updates regarding our fiverr account. Not everybody is using desktop every time.