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Fiverr app is not working well in OPPO F9


Dear members i am facing issues regarding getting notification on fiverr app.
i am using OPPO F9. and fiverr app is not showing notification when someone send me message or when i get order on my gig…
can you help me.
thank you


Did you try to uninstall and install it again? Some times it not notify you with tone but you should get notification.


For now I do’t have any issue on my FIverr app. Check your notification settings for fiverr app if it’s enabled you can try clearing app cache or re installing the app.


@graphics_pro92 I’m not sure if it is your device that make the app doesn’t work.
I’m using OPPO A11 and once got the same problem.

I send a ticket to Fiverr CS and they said that reinstalling the app might solve the problem. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

When i decided to use another cell phone carrier, the problem solved. Have you tried using another carrier as well?


I have used the app on a couple of different Samsung devices, and never had a problem. It worked well even on my low end Galaxy Trend Lite, so I don’t see why it won’t work on a much more powerful hardware.


i am currently using wifi network and sometimes use mobile data… but still i do not get notifications…


Thank you all i have checked all settings and everything is enable and good. but still not receiving notifications… i think i should contact with CS


It isn’t working on my OnePlus 3T as well. I’ve tried everything under the sun. Still no luck. :confused:


I had the same problem before! I had to use Fiverr app 15 days on Symphony i120 phone and missed 19 message from my buyer then I again shift my old Samsung J2. Now it works well now! I think maximum Chinese Branded new phone has the same problem.