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Fiverr app issues/improvements

My first issue with the app is responding to Buyer Requests. When you click Send A Gig only certain ones will be available for you to send and often I’ve found that although the buyer may have used a specific keyword to justify a particular Gig, I usually have one that is far more relevant but I can’t select it as it’s not available.

Secondly when you do decide to use the “irrelevant” gig to propose your offer there is No Text Area for you to explain what exactly you are offering unlike when using the website online. So I am fairly sure that perspective buyers are receiving my offers and tossing them aside. I know I would !

Anyone else having these issues with the app or have any suggestions for a work around, besides waiting that is to sit down in front of a laptop and properly answering from there??

Love to hear them. Cheers Irene

Hello, I have requested this feature many times on the forum and even many times in the support ticket but not implemented yet.

I am mainly a server management specialist and sometimes poster post buyer request in wordpress category and thus I can’t offer my server management gig and lose that project.