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Fiverr app needs certain features from the website

When using the Fiverr website, it’s very clear where messages are coming from.

When a buyer and I accidentally end up in the Fiverr chat, Fiverr very clearly displays a message:

“Seems like you already have an active order with (username). Continue your conversation over at the order page or send a message here instead.”

With a quick click, I’m back on the order page and back on track. Not so in the app.

When buyers switch chats (usually on their mobile devices), I end up thinking I’m typing into the order page when I’m replying to the Fiverr chat. Information that was supposed to be on the order page ends up in the wrong place and I risk being in violation of TOS.

To be fair, yes, I need to be paying attention, but that this important feature exists on the website and not in the app is absolutely frustrating.

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I understand it’s confusing. But it seems to me that once there is an active order, the messages you send via the mobile app are automatically part of the order chat (not the usual chat before or after your order is completed). I hope that helps - but I can see your point and that could be clearer.

I think fiverr app needs changes completely especially the design.