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Fiverr app new design


I really like the new updated fiverr app
it’s so awesome!
they really heard us.

Super Thanks Fiverr


Hey, care to post a screen? :slight_smile:


I think you need to download the app LOL


I’m not planning on using it (at least not for a good while), thus I wanted a peek into how it looks, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:


The new app is not available for everone yet, so a screenshot will be very appreciated.


Really nice update. Here you go, the new ‘Home’ page


yeah!!! look awesome and cool


TBH, I doubt if anybody will post a screenshot, unless it’s been doctored a bit! :wink:

There’s a fair amount of info on there - balance, positive rating %, delivered on time %, response time, cancelled orders (number and $). To-do list and unread messages, then below that top categories and items related to ones that have been viewed recently, a link to post a buyer’s request, and then recently viewed gigs.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


@offlinehelpers correct

that is why i didn’t post a screenshot


Just doctored the balance :wink: don´t mind the rest of that page showing, but you´re right, of course.


Sorry @miiila - I must have been typing and looking at my mobile screen as you posted your screenshot! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @miiila


What’s the point of having the amount of cancelled orders (in numbers and $$$?

Why don’t they put how many times we’ve been tipped and the amount of $$?



Maybe it´s so I won´t forget that one scammy ‘buyer’ so quickly and cancel even earlier next time. :wink:


There are different approaches if they’d like to give any kind of ‘motivation’ by showing that…

A negative one: shows you how many times you’ve failed
A positive one: shows you how many times you’ve succeeded

I’ll be always for the latter, it motivates me more to see how many times my clients showed appreciation toward my work, and not how many times someone just ordered “by mistake” or asked for something I don’t offer…



I know, see, I liked your post, I´d prefer to see the tips too :wink:


I think the new home screen is a merger of the dashboard section and the Fiverr home page section. Looks cool. I still need an improvement on the BR section that allows you to make offers from any gig across categories.

Looks cool, though.


I completely agree with you, I was hoping we can have a customizable dashboard so that each seller can customize their portal to meet their specifications. Online and in the mobile version.



Oh I know that… brilliant minds are always synchronized :smirk:


Awesome :raised_hands: