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Fiverr App not refreshing in Android 9 Pie

Hi Fiverr’ss
Yet again another winner Fiverr.
This time its the recent changes to the app. It does not refresh itself AT ALL!
I have to close the app and clear the cache to refresh it, to display the correct current sales.
It does not even let you swipe from the top to manually refesh it.
Way to go Fiverr fixing something that wasn’t broke in the first place !!!

If I go from my laptop after delivering an order- it does not show the sale as delivered on the app shortly after (As an example).

I’m also using android 9.0 with Samsung one ui, the refresh option works correctly.
What’s smartphone you have?

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Moto G7…

Try to clear the cache and data of fiverr app.

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That works but have to do it every time.

The App wasn’t usable for me on a Google Pixel XL today. I kept getting notifications of messages, etc. However, I had to go to the main site to see and reply to messages. That said, I’ve never really understood how people do very much with the app to begin with.

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It just won’t refresh for me


I think you might want to check the batteries on your outrage alarm.

I was joking but that’s been happening to me a lot lately.

Yes until you will get new update for your smartphone, because fiverr developers only test the app on popular smartphones like Samsung, iPhone and Huawei.

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Motorola invented the cell phone, I’m sure they tested it on them :smirk: