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Fiverr App not showing a job alert

Fiverr app is not giving me an alert in the Fiverr app. Is this normal? I was late on a job because I didn’t know it was there.

What are others doing to make sure they see jobs?

If you have your settings set up to alert you, you should get them, perhaps check your Fiverr notification settings (or/and your relevant phone settings), I had it once that I changed one setting and other settings somehow got reset by that, so I had to tick those fields again.

Apart from that, there are a couple threads by people who had some bug that made it so that their orders didn´t appear on their dashboards but only when they went the Selling > Orders route, once they´d discovered they got a late order, so I guess they didn´t get notifications either.

I don’t use the app, I check Fiverr from a laptop, and I check the Orders page, too.