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Fiverr app not working tonight

Anyone else having this tonight? Not working even after new download.

yes I can’t log in, says User Name or Password Incorrect, SO annoying.

and with all the SPAM mail we have gotten in the last few hours, it just makes the whole thing feel so insecure, and stressful.

Ah my app isn’t working either!! So annoying and I am getting messages from actual clients now and I have to keep checking my email

Roll back to an earlier version. It works for me.

How do you roll back?

I have android version Fiverr App, and its working perfectly :slight_smile:

I always backup any app before updating. You should do the same. Anyway, here is the apk for the version I’m using

Mine is working fine.
(It’s the latest version)

Damn I’ve never done that! I have an Iphone will this work with my iphone?

My app is also down. I just uninstalled it and going to try new from Play Store :frowning: