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Fiverr App on different wifi conections

I Work in software house and i have installed fiverr app in my mobile. when i go to any new location and use there internet . Fiver block my account if there is anyone other have fiverr account on that connection.
how fiverr know this is my home internet or i am outside. because i am doing freelancing in part time .
if i am in office and i receive new buyer message how i reply them ? if i am not connected to internet . to reply i have to connect with organization internet. and if anyone have fiverr account on that wifi conection then is fiver blocked our account ?


I don’t think that connecting from a different internet connections alone do anything to your account. Because I usually connects to many networks (office, friends places, home ethernet, mobile data) on my mobile and I reply for my messages all the time whenever I receive. As long as you don’t do any ToS violation, you should be fine. Keep in mind that this is my personal experience, I’m not recommending you to do any of these. :slight_smile:

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