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Fiverr App Problem 25/8/2015

I have problems with Fiverr App in Asus Zenfone 5 (Android)

  • can not send a order request in buyer request page…

    Any one know how to solve it?

    I uninstall this app and restart device and the install athe app but its still not fix…

I found an update of the app today in Play Store (1.4.0). Maybe it fixes that. I only use the app to get notifications, so I can help you any further.

It does that when you have no more offers to send. Rather than saying “you have no more offers to give” it just comes up as an error - if you look on a browser you can see how many you have left for today (also says error on a browser, like “oops, something went wrong!”).

Maybe it’s that?

There is also an error, the app shows me i have a certain amount, which i do not have.