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Fiverr App problems

Once I’m away from desktop, I definitely make use of the Fiverr app to reply to customers. Recently, I had problems wherein after I type the reply – it just doesn’t seem to appear. I tried again and it didn’t appear. I thought it would be fixed by clearing cache and app data, I did this and logged in through the app again, unluckily the problem is still happening. So I just logged in Fiverr through the browser in my phone and I was able to reply there. It even reflects in the app (the reply that I sent in through the browser)

Also, I tried withdrawing through the app the other day and it doesn’t work anymore. This used to be a very smooth process before.

I hope these get checked!


Same. The messages I reply to on the app don’t show on the desktop.

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Same here. Sending message to my clients via my App. Not working.

To be honest, I don’t give two hoots about the app. - Aside from the fact that I am now sick as a pig with malaria in a bacon factory, of the 4.7 review bug.

OVER ONE YEAR FIVERR!! This is dragging my stats down which Fiverr wants me to keep above 4.8 and is now completely out of hand.

"Oh, some people are getting asked to complete a survey for a Beta feature they haven’t tried yet, sorry guys, we’ll get right on and see how that happened." - Erm… OK. - So it’s just everything else that you can’t do? - Ever?