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Fiverr App Sometimes Not Giving Notification

I am Using Fiverr for almost 3 Years now. And We always have to check our notification timely for our Gig performances. And as we always have to be in online Fiverr App always help us to do that.

But recently I m facing a problem with the notification. When clients are knocking me i didn’t get the notification immediately. and so my response rate is going a bit down for this reason. I got mail notification before even my App notification.

Does this only happen with me ? Or this also happening with u guys too? Any advise?

Thanks In Advance.


Here the same problem with me :anguished: @best_tshirt

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Yes. same here. I don’t know why fiverr app couldn’t give us the best performance. Look other platform like what’s app or messenger. any time any notification got it immediately.

Same issue on iOS iPhone I can’t see notifications and inbox messages!