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Fiverr App stuck in splash screen

Hey, if i launch the Fiverr App (freshly installed from App Store) it stucks in the splash screen with the fiverr logo and nothing happening.

I’m using a iPhone XR with iOS 13.2 public beta.

I hope someone can help me.

~ Jonathan

Hi Jonathan

did you try to force restart the app using application manager? and try to clear all the cache data in “tmp” folder.

Hi thanks for your reply but on a iPhone you haven’t a “application manager” and you can’t access any “tmp” folder…

sorry for “mistype” in iphone you can perform this task by going to settings> General > storage . there you will see the usage of that app. and option to clear its data

cleaning “tmp” folder is little but technically and require root

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Ok thanks, i haven’t got the button “clear data” but i have offloaded the app and reloaded it again and now its working :smiley:

cool Jonathan :blush:

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