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Fiverr Appreciation Thread

So Fiverr gets a lot of critique but I think it would be fun to take a moment to state some things to be appreciated by Fiverr.

One of the things I appreciate about Fiverr is the analytics , specifically world domination. I love checking up on my progress and seeing where all my orders came from.

What’s something you appreciate about Fiverr?


The Earnings button. :laughing:
Seriously though, Fiverr is has been kind to me.



Fiverr’s CS. Their support has always been superb. Friendly, quick and helpful. I admire their patience :+1:


I second this. Far too many new sellers make demands of CS without stopping to realize how much they have to deal with on a daily basis. CS has always been quick, friendly, helpful, and patient with me as well. I greatly appreciate this.

  • I like the app a lot. I use it to get notifications of new messages and orders when I’m away from my computer.

  • I find the website very easy to use and navigate, and in the past six months a lot of the bugs and glitches have improved a lot.

  • The quick responses on the order page really help. I spent the first two years here without that, and still remember the tedious work of sending messages before.

  • The earnings and accounting of our money is always accurate, or has been for me the entire time I’ve been here.


I love lots of things about fiverr, it makes my day to day work easy - especially being able to have a checklist of things when people order (the instructions) that means generally, I get all the info I need to do each job and can just do it.

I love the new analytics page :chart_with_upwards_trend: that shows our earnings and numbers of orders by day/week/month/year. I check that frequently.

and yep, I agree with the support, its always quick and helpful :muscle:


Thats what I love. :point_down: When you receive these notifications without any modification requests.
Best feeling eva…

  • xyz ( Buyer ) just marked your order complete.
  • xyz left a 5 star review.
  • xyz left you a tip.

Keeping me productively occupied for the last 3.6 years.


The ease of connecting with buyers, and sellers here on the forum, from lots of places around the world, easy accounting/not having to bill customers and keep track of whether they paid or not, being able to work from anywhere I have wlan and not even needing a single sheet of paper, a pen, envelope, printer toner etc.!, yeah, and the dollars, of course, life is expensive here.


Let’s see…
Extra income on the side, check.
Interacting with the cool/nice people, check.
Learning more about business and understanding the value of hard work, check.
Getting great feedback and being able to stay motivated, check.

…and oh, getting tips that allows me to waltz into Starbucks guilt free! :heart_eyes:


So many responses,
There’s so many things to appreciate about Fiverr.
@idostuff4u @cyaxrex @annai80 @jonbaas @misscrystal @sue_mcl @saddu_writer @writer99025 @miiila @zeus777
Thank you for sharing the some things you appreciate, it’s great to see the positivity around Fiverr.

(If I missed someone I didn’t mean to)