Fiverr Approved My Video (Twice) then Canceled My Gig


I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed ineptitude in customer support on this level. Here is the order of events.

Here is the order of events.

  1. Created gig about Keyword Research
  2. Got lots of sales and great reviews. It was truly a remarkable gig and people loved it.
  3. Decided to spice things up and make a video. People love video.
  4. Video approved by Fiverr team.
  5. I made video edits and reuploaded it. Didn’t like the first one, changed it.
  6. Video approved, yet again, by the Fiverr experts. Video approval (twice) indicates that the video did not violate Fiverr guidelines. Or so you would think…
  7. Fiverr out of nowhere, no warning, nothing, shuts down the gig which had 11 positive reviews and was ranking in the top 2 rows for “Keyword Research”.

What was their reason? An extremely vague “third party violations.” Fiverr didn’t like that my video had 6 total seconds with of imagery that contained logos from the third party services where I was providing the data. I made an extremely brief reference to SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, Majestic, etc. Because people deserve to know where their data is coming from, do they not?

So the question is, why would anyone ever buy your keyword research gig if they don’t know where the data is pulled from?

Why isn’t every single social media gig on Fiverr pulled down and removed by that logic? Any gig that uses a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Bing, etc logo should be immediately removed by this logic, should it not?

Lastly, why couldn’t Fiverr support act like a rational human being? They dropped the ball. Big time. They approved my video twice. So instead of being like “Whoops, sorry, we screwed up. We didn’t mean to approve your video, so we’re actually going to remove the video for you until you make these changes.” They could have kept the gig live. But no… instead, they remove the gig and make me start from scratch with no explanation.

The support representative in question is the very passive aggressive ********, who sends copy/pasted robot replies, is unable to admit that Fiverr screwed up, and now ignores all replies on the subject.


I guess the chatter about Fiverr going massively downhill is correct. Anyone else have firsthand experience with Fiverr going above and beyond to put themselves out of business?

Mod Note: Name of CS Agent removed. Please do not call out individual members of staff or Fiverr users on the forum.


Not every single video is viewed by Fiverr editors. Some videos go through but eventually go through a detailed review process.

Don’t use copyrighted material next time and you shouldn’t have problems.

Good luck.


You’re missing the entire point. Why didn’t the gig go into the “requires modification” part of my profile. Why did it just get banned for having a logo in it? Logos that are actually mandatory to help people understand what they are buying. Seems like it was singled out for some reason.

Your reply signifies the snarky attitude that everyone at Fiverr has. If this was a mistake you guys made, why can’t anyone take 5 seconds to make the adjustment of putting it into the requires modification part of my profile instead of the denied part.

Ban all of these gigs… I see logos!✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=pinterest&search-autocomplete-available=true&search-autocomplete-type=suggest&search-autocomplete-position=0&page=1&filter=auto✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=tumblr&page=1&filter=auto✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=instagram&page=1&filter=auto

At least my gig had value. Most of these are spam gigs, yet the best reply I get is next time don’t use logos.

I feel like the support here is designed to make you laugh. It almost feels surreal at times.


Since you referred to “you guys” I want you to know I am not Fiverr staff!

You came to the forum and asked for advice, I took the time to reply which apperantly isn’t appreciated.

Therefore I won’t even bother.

Btw. you are calling CS snarky? Take a step back and look at your attitude. I would strongly advice you to rethink your approach!


There’s no other way to get the point across. It’s beyond 100% clear that the gig has been singled out. Why aren’t all of those gigs being canceled as we speak? Curse the logos!