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Fiverr apps notify after 20 min

Hi, I have faced some problem with fiverr apps. I got notification in fiverr apps minimum 20 min! Any one faced this problem? Besides, I can’t select my right gig when I apply any jobs, suppose, I wants to apply wordpress jobs but fiverr apps sometimes auto select my other gig, there no option to chose appropriate gig like using pc. Any solution? Thanks advanced.


sorry to hear your bad experience.
i am using fiverr app android vers for 3+ years ! didn’t face this sort of prob you are telling about.
be sure your net connection is alright.

You need to update the app to latest version, then clear the cache and data.

Thank you, for your response. I using layest version 3 0.3. I observing any notification come out later. Even I lost order for this somedays ago.

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I am using latest version of fiverr 3.0.3. How can I clear cache in fiverr apps? Thank you

The latest version is 3.0.4


The app blows. I rely on it to speak to clients/download requirements when recording, and it is unreliable at best in my experience.

It frequently lags in notifying me of orders, notifications and inbox messages, it says clients are online when they’re not (once or twice it told me a client was “Last online 2,370 weeks ago”), you can’t preview items that you should be able to (jpegs, pdfs, etc), my list of complaints go on.

I am glad it exists, as I frequently need to get in touch with clients when I’m away from my computer, but that’s about all the good I can say about it.

Thank you for your information.

Don’t rely on Mobile App too much. Use it as a way of communication when you are on the go! App has many bugs and issues than you can imagine and the development process is slow as well. If one update fixes one of the problems, it brings a new. But while you are using, make sure to keep the app updated, allow all the permission and whitelist your app for network and battery usages, issues might decrease.


I buy a new phone and don’t get any notification on it. I use latest version of the fiverr app but still it won’t show any:unamused:

Yeah, now I have already updated my app. Lets see. Thank you.